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Be a Standout Brand – with Lynne Stainthorpe, Brand Strategist

Like people, brands evolve. Have you launched new services? Or lost clients to new competitors? Or perhaps your brand feels tired or dated?

If you haven’t adjusted your branding or messaging in the last 3 to 5 years, it’s time to revitalise your brand.

Together we’ll get to the heart of your brand and clarify your brand vision, values and voice.

We’ll confirm the value you bring to clients and create your compelling brand messaging – with heart and humanity.

You’ll also have a brand logo, colour palette and font family that helps your brand standout and make
an impact.

Let’s talk.

Results Mastery with Steve Mills

I have spent 27 years helping businesses to grow and to become more profitable.  During that time I have become obsessed with one question.  Why is it that some businesses succeed and yet over 80% of them go bust within the first 5 years?

And the only thing I can put it down to is that the owner of the business does not have the sales and marketing skills, to increase lead generation and conversion and so the business never grows.

In order to help coaches to become more successful, I have developed a tried, tested and proven system that I call RESULTS Mastery.

Want to know more?  Click here.

Chantal Cornelius – Appletree Marketing

Coaches shouldn’t have to struggle to grow a successful business.

Every year hundreds of new coaching businesses are set up by people who are really great at what they do. They want to run successful businesses, without struggling to find new clients and earn what they are worth. Is this you?

What you might not be so good at is marketing and promoting your businesses. This means that you can’t attract enough good quality clients without struggling and wasting time and money. You might be confused and frustrated, feeling like you’re not very good a running a successful business.

I understand why you’re confused about what marketing to do. It can be frustrating when you keep doing marketing but don’t get the results that you want. I know what it’s like when you spend time and money trying out different marketing and yet you still don’t attract the clients that you want.

1. Book a free chat with me, so we can talk about how much support you need
2. Work with me to create your Marketing Plan to get clear on exactly what marketing you need to do
3. Carry out your marketing and win new clients!

Jackie Jarvis – Walking Business Coach

  • Is continual busyness tiring you out?
  • Are you feeling overloaded?
  • Do you lack clarity in areas of your business life?
  • Need ‘time out’ to reflect and make new plans?
  • Could you think better on the move, out in the fresh air?

Your Walking Business Coach will walk side by side with you, listening, prompting and guiding you to find your best way forward. Walking relaxes you, stimulates creativity, and encourages reflective thinking. The most important things to focus on will become crystal clear.

Is it time to put your phone to one side and get out from behind your desk? Email Jackie to book in your free Clarity Call:

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