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By Sarah Heap|24.09.2020

Coaching Cards for Managers and Leaders

Coaching cards suitable for both personal development and for the development of reports and teams in an organisational setting.

By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

Reflective Coaching Journal

This Reflective Coaching Journal enables you to increase your awareness personally, professionally and within organisations, so that informed plans lead to appropriate action and results. It will provoke learning around options and perspectives as well as clarifying your understanding of what balance, success and fulfilment mean to you.

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By |08.07.2020

Tools of the Trade - by Simon Hague

We often forget that being a coach involves running a business and that running a business means that you have to dip into areas that you are perhaps not comfortable in.

By Helen Isacke|22.05.2020

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards – full of energy; they are a new resource designed to support the work of coaches, consultants, supervisors and mediators.

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