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By |31.05.2018

Team Coaching Case Study: When 2 became 1

Read how with the bringing together of these 2 Clinical Commissioning Group’s it was also decided that the Leadership would change too

By Helen Isacke|19.01.2018

Team Coaching Case Study: Collaboration Across Organisational Boundaries

For the company to survive and thrive, they had to a) implement significant changes, b) slow print declines and c) grow digital audience. This required both innovation and collaboration across all twelve publishing units.

By Helen Isacke|21.08.2017

Preparing to Move Up - by Elizabeth Arthur PCC

My role as Coach was to help my client accelerate his readiness for Partnership so that he excelled in the interview process and would be invited by the Senior Managing Partner of the Firm to become a Partner in his team.

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