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The Transformational Coach: Free Your Thinking and Break Through to Coaching Mastery

By Helen Isacke|22.11.2022

Do you ever doubt your coaching style is achieving the best results for your clients? Have you ever felt there's room for growth, but you're not sure how to achieve it

To create a more sustainable transformation in the people you coach, you need to start with your own mindset. As a coach, you know you can’t change what you do, unless you alter what you believe first.

By shedding the ineffective scripts, trappings and beliefs that a lifetime of personal interactions, professional training and even your parents have taught you, you can reset your thinking to a beginner’s mentality and so begin a fulfilling and exciting journey to coaching mastery.

In this fresh and highly effective field guide, Master Mentor Coach, Clare Norman gets into your head to help you pinpoint the attitudes that you need to unlearn and reframe. Through Clare’s rich experience, illuminating real-life stories, and practical guidance you can shift towards more useful thinking and powerful skillsets by:

  • Spotting and changing your own restrictive coaching mindsets
  • Understanding how marginal gains can lead to maximal outcomes
  • Embracing replacement paradigms and new thought patterns
  • Rediscovering what you love about coaching and its power to resource people

It’s time to ditch the old beliefs that are holding you back, free your thinking and make the move from getting transactional results to being a transformational coach.

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