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Results Mastery - with Steve Mills

By Helen Isacke|26.04.2022

Business Growth Programme

Join Steve's 12 month business growth programme for coaches who want to make 25% to 100% more profit in the next 12 months.

RESULTS Mastery is a 12 month business growth programme designed and delivered by Steve Mills to improve your results.  It’s about being on the ball, staying knowledgeable, sharp and always taking action.  Right now we are coming out of Covid (hopefully).  Times are changing!  The companies who embrace sales and marketing will succeed and those who don’t will not.

The program is based on a 7-step method to attract, convert, and retain clients who pay premium fees.

During your 12 month commitment you will have access to:

  • A full video based sales and marketing training library containing over 250 x 15 min videos, workbooks, checklists, reports and templates, training you to get better RESULTS
  • 52 group meetings on zoom – One per week each lasting 60 to 90 mins covering sales and marketing and business growth
  • Quarterly 1-2-1 marketing meetings with Steve where you discuss how to improve your results and develop your next quarterly sales and marketing plan
  • An online sales and marketing plan and software
  • A 2 day annual conference
  • A hotline to Steve
  • Access to all Steve’s other sales and marketing training programmes
  • A 100% money back guarantee if you do not make at least 10X what the programme costs you with 12 months providing you don’t FTI (fail to implement).
RESULTS Mastery was formed to help coaches, consultants, professional service firms, trainers and other advisors to scale their business by improving their sales, marketing, financial and customer service results. Whilst at the same time improving their strategic planning and getting more out of their people.
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Results Mastery Video Introduction
“I have been on Steve’s results programme for a short period of time but already Steve has got me taking action which I believe will result in reaching my financial goals whilst building up relationships with my existing clients in no time. I look forward to the weekly call and there is so much value being a few people rather than 121 as you get to hear other perspectives and see other challenges which can all be related to you no matter what business you are in. Tina Cleary
“I attended Steve’s Results Mastery 1 hour ‘taster’ training yesterday and was blown away by the depth of understanding Steve has about sales and marketing. He is an excellent coach able to explain things so very concisely and clearly. He really is in a class above the rest.” Archna Patel
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