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IAPC&M (previously known as the IIC&M)

By |26.04.2017

"Through accreditation, we build trust and confidence in the coaching and mentoring profession for the benefit of everyone."

IAPC&M (previously known as the IIC&M)

International Authority for Professional Coaches & Mentors

“Through accreditation, we build trust and confidence in the coaching and mentoring profession for the benefit of everyone.”

Established in 2004 as ECI Accreditation Limited, and most recently recognised as the IIC&M, the IAPC&M is an independent not-for-profit organisation, run by coaches and mentors for the benefit of coaches, mentors and training providers around the world.  We are an authority on accrediting individuals and service providers in our industry.  We don’t have our own training course to plug, and we are not driven by shareholders.  Therefore, our sole focus is to make sure every single step of the accreditation process directly benefits our members, including the hiring public.

Why your accreditation status matters

Accreditation is a formal, third party independent recognition of competence to perform specific tasks.

The IAPC&M is the first accreditation body to be approved by the IRCM, the industry’s official coaching ombudsman, in recognition of the calibre of our service to the industry.

IAPC&M accreditation status means:

  • You will become part of an International Body of Excellence in coaching and mentoring
  • You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other professional practitioners globally
  • You will be part of a respected and influential body
  • You benefit from advice, guidance and support gained from over 15 years industry experience
  • You will have joined an organisation which is acknowledged world-wide as a leader in coaching and mentoring excellence
  • You will benefit from an unrivalled range of inclusive membership benefits which will save you time and money
  • You will have the opportunity to have your say about the issues that affect your business

The IAPC&M exists to fulfil a number of functions:

  • To support all professional coaches, mentors, coach/mentor training providers, and corporate in-house coaching/mentoring cultures worldwide
  • To protect the public from non-accredited practitioners and training providers
  • To provide all accredited practitioners a platform of support and guidance
  • To be a resource for continuing professional development, education and practical business support
  • To provide everyone with a friendly caring home that will look after and take care of them and also provide countless resources and a large comprehensive benefits programme
  • To encourage and support practitioners throughout their professional journey from practitioner, to senior and beyond through our freely available education department


IAPC&M accreditation membership levels acceptable for Trusted Coaches:

  • Practitioner
  • Accredited Senior Coach (ASC)
  • Accredited Master Coach (AMC)
  • Accredited Fellow Coach (AFC)

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