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IAPC&M (previously known as the IIC&M)

By |26.04.2017

"Through accreditation, we build trust and confidence in the coaching and mentoring profession for the benefit of everyone."

The IAPC&M is the ONLY accreditation body for the coaching & mentoring industry that is approved by the British Industry Ombudsman.

Only world class Coaches, Mentors and Training Providers, who want to be recognised as leaders in their field, need apply to join the IAPC&M 1% Club.

Professional practitioners who believe in the importance of accreditation are welcome to apply for their international accreditation status here 

Watch this short video of more information

Here’s a great example of the value provided for IAPC&M members – International Coaching Week 2021 –  ICW 2021

IAPC&M accreditation membership levels acceptable for Trusted Coaches:

  • Practitioner
  • Accredited Senior Coach (ASC)
  • Accredited Master Coach (AMC)
  • Accredited Fellow Coach (AFC)
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