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Helping future clients to get to know, like and trust you: Webinar recording

By Helen Isacke|10.09.2020

This is a recording of a TCD Coach Call, led by Mastermind Mentor & Business Growth Coach Paul Avins.

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Watch or listen to the recording, in which Business Growth Coach Paul Avins generously shares his expertise with a wealth of business building ideas, including the many benefits of using profiling tools to help our future clients to get to know, like and trust us as coaches.

Paul uses Contribution Compass (and other tools) to help create personal flow, team flow and client flow. When we understand ourselves, our team and our clients, then we can build a more sustainable business while helping our clients to succeed.

Watch the recording here… (my apologies, it was recorded in Gallery View rather than Speaker View)

Listen to the recording here…


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Team Success

And use this link for a special offer if you would like to sample the Contribution Compass profiling tool.

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