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CoachME Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervision, mentor Coaching Model

By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

CoachME Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervision, mentor Coaching Model - available in 25+ languages. Providing bespoke experiential, contextually based development solutions enabling long-term sustainable competency development.

CoachME Model – led by Executive Coach Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy

Honouring the ICF, AC and EMCC Competencies and keeping their Codes of Ethics at heart, the CoachME Model is intentionally non-linear and non-cyclical.

The rationale?  From extensive reading and practice of different models and theories, as well as empirical research critiquing and assessing systematically the value of the CoachME Model, we found that Coachees do not always follow the linear or cyclical elements of clarifying the issues, getting the evidence, planning the action, acting.  They may ‘stay’ a whole session in one place or ‘dance’ between different facets.

For example, a Coachee may be in Transition Planning and bounce in and out of Results for both the session and for long-term goals.  They may also dip into Reflection about what has worked previously, or what achievement will look and feel like, linking this with Knowledge to consider what they need to ‘deepen’ in terms of learning, to close gaps, then forward their action.

The model fits with personal life, career, executive, organizational, team and systems coaching. 

Clare Beckett-McInroy is an experienced Executive Coach with 15+ years working with senior leaders globally. She has designed and delivered numerous accredited and approved programmes, published many articles and 3 books.

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