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APECS - Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

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Founded in 2004, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the top level membership professional body for executive coaching and supervision. APECS uses a capability based framework (as opposed to competencies) to evaluate and acknowledge an executive coach’s level of professional standing.

Executive Coaching differs from other forms of coaching in that it is primarily concerned with the development of the executive in the context of the needs of their organisation.

APECS defines “Executive” as a person who has a level of leadership responsibility (financial / operational / people) and/or responsibility for policy formulation and/or who makes a significant business critical individual contribution to the organisation.

APECS exists to ensure that in a complex world, organisations are enabled to use coaching and supervision to deliver ethical and sustainable growth.

APECS is a not-for-profit organisation providing:

  • Accreditation for Executive Coaches, Team Coaches and Supervisors
  • Membership at the level of ‘Practising’ for Executive Coaches, Team Coaches and Supervisors for whom these activities are a significant part of their work but not to a level that would satisfy accreditation
  • Professional membership for those who have been significantly involved in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching or Supervision in the past and are not currently significantly involved with these yet wish to remain in contact with the profession
  • Professional standards for executive coaching and supervision
  • Good practice guidance and information about executive coaching and supervision
  • Events and resources for members

APECS membership levels acceptable for Trusted Coaches:

  • Accredited Executive Coach
  • Accredited Executive Team Coach
  • Accredited Supervisor
  • Practising Executive Coach
  • Practising Executive Team Coach
  • Practising Supervisor
  • Fellow

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