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4 Questions your Organisation will Love you for asking!

By Helen Isacke|27.02.2019

Here is a link to the February newsletter on the Journey to Teal Series for 2019, as Chris Rew continues to explore the next-stage development journey for organisations brave enough to head off in this direction and see the success they can achieve!

February 2019 – 4 Questions your Organisation will Love you for asking!

At the end of the article, and also shown below, is a resource people can use, as we challenge organisations to check in on their current culture? What questions would you like to ask your organisation about its development and approach to itself and others?

This month we dive deeper into some of the issues around organisational structure that hold companies back from empowering and enabling true distributed leadership and ownership to take place.

Exciting and interesting challenges as we invite you to ask a taster set of 4 questions about your own organisation.

This is part of a series of questions we have produced to help organisations calibrate their development journey towards a Next-Generation way of thinking and being!

Chris would love to hear your feedback and perhaps you can ask the questions of your own organisation? Dive a little deeper and explore how your company is doing on its developmental journey…. and your starter for 10 is…?

Click the 4Q Button link below to find out:

4 Questions Your Organisation Will Love You for Asking!

So, is hierarchy limiting your business? Let Chris know what you think.
You can contact Chris via to send in your feedback or explore this issue further with us.

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