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What Stops Team Members Trusting Each Other?








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Hosted by the Trusted Coach Directory, Jo Keeler from Belbin Team Roles (UK) invites you to discover how to improve team communication, enabling members to feel safe to discuss mistakes and shortcomings within a protective and positive framework.

In Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable, he described the pitfalls that can spell a team’s downfall. ‘Absence of Trust’ is identified as one such pitfall. According to Lencioni, teams who are unable to be ‘vulnerable’ with one another encountered problems, as they were unwilling to admit mistakes, acknowledge weaknesses or ask for help.

In 2016 Google’s Project Aristotle named psychological safety as the most important ingredient for team success.

Join us if you would like to:

  • Explore what can contribute to a lack of trust within teams, and how Belbin Team Roles can help mitigate a team’s problems in this area.
  • Have a greater understanding of the importance of trust and the factors which affect them.
  • Appreciate how to use Belbin Team Roles to inform an actionable roadmap to building trust amongst individuals, establishing psychological safety and supporting the creation of high performing teams.

This webinar will benefit professionals working in the fields of HR, L&D and Organisational Development at all levels, as well as anyone with managerial or leadership responsibilities within teams

Please note this is an interactive live webinar, with a short breakout session, please come ready to participate!

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Jo Keeler, Managing Director, Belbin Ltd

Jo is responsible for spearheading strategic and operational activities and building the Belbin brand across the globe. Jo leads the UK team and liaises with the Belbin partners and distributors across the globe.

She is a highly experienced speaker, inspiring both UK and international audiences to use Belbin Team Roles to usher in lasting team and business performance improvements.

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Want to find out more about using Belbin Team Roles to build high performing teams?  Request a free, no obligation call with a member of the Belbin team. They will be able to demonstrate how the Belbin reports work, the ways in which they can be used, and how you can manage your own Belbin reports platform for your teams and department/organisation.


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