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Join the CIPD Wellbeing at Work Conference — Adopting an all-inclusive, holistic approach to workplace wellbeing

Wellbeing is the cornerstone of all functioning businesses in todays’ world. Understanding what factors positively contribute to employee wellbeing, or alternatively what fuels our feelings of stress, is of great importance to ensure organisational success.

Join the CIPD Wellbeing at Work Conference where our wellbeing and industry experts tackle one of the most important issues in people management, and discover new ways of working within this ever changing world.

Conference takeaways

  • Ensure the relationship between HR and occupational health remain harmonious
  • Create an agile working environment to support workers and avoid burnout and staff turnover
  • Support your team through this socio-economic climate by raising the standard of work life
  • Discover the link between how we feel and workplace performance
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