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Led by Dr Roy Childs from Team Focus Limited 

Type Mapping is a refreshingly new way to understand personality. It addresses the significant issues that plague traditional personality questionnaires such as their failure to acknowledge how people grow and change or how their behaviour does not always reflect their real personality and sense of identity.

If you want to understand individuals and teams in a way that acknowledges the dynamic nature of who we are, then you will be interested in the Type Mapping approach which clarifies what roles we play and how our underlying personality shapes but does not necessarily limit what we do.

Team Focus is delighted to be delivering this fully revamped professional development programme (start anytime) which is a module in the internationally recognised Test User Personality Certificate issued by the BPS and EFPA.

Get access to a set of questionnaires that reframe traditional personality from a static to a much more dynamic approach – conducive to facilitating change and growth.


You can start when you are ready, progress at your own pace, and join online sessions with other delegates who are at the same stage of learning as yourself. This blends the online learning with interactive contact. You will also participate in a supervised feedback session where you will learn by doing, receiving and observing.

This programme is also suitable for coaches who know how to deliver developmental feedback. If you already have BPS or EFPA qualifications in psychometrics this will contribute to your profile on the RQTU (Register of Qualifications in Test Use). If you don’t, you will still have access to these valuable tools.

This programme can be added to your PD portfolio and is delivered over 9 modules. You will also need to submit evidence of competence with 3 case studies which are valuable post course consolidation and development – both personally and for your practice.


  • Develop in-depth understanding of personality by disentangling roles from personality and contributing to a developing sense of personal identity.
  • Rethink personality which can impact your use of other tools with which you are familiar.
  • Meet the standards and fulfil the competencies set by leading Psychological Associations in the UK (BPS), across Europe (EFPA) and recognised internationally.
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback as a two-way exploratory process under supervision – and with the opportunity to observe others with different styles.
  • Learn by doing by submitting 3 case studies from which you will receive learning points.

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Dr Roy Childs is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, leader of the programme Coaching for Change, Consultant Editor for the BPS Test Review process.

Roy is passionate about helping people develop and his work spans personal and team development as well as organisation development. He is the author of many articles and co-author of the book ‘The Relational Lens’ and contributes to ongoing research based on practical applications. He has worked across 4 continents, including the MOD, UNHCR, WHO, and numerous blue-chip companies.


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