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Overview – by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy from CoachME

This profile has been used by ICF Boards, LEGO, NGOs, Qatar Foundation entities, PwC to name just a few organisations. It is also used by startups, agile project teams and has been impactful across sectors globally.

TAP360 helps to assess the impact and performance of the team, at team level, and is mapped to our CoachME Team Coaching model.

As ICF Coaching Impact Award Winners for 2023 as a Training Provider, we ensure that all our programmes provide thorough, experiential, contextually based content and delivery.

The training programme is 3 hours. Pre reading will be shared in advance.

Assessment is 1.5 hours. This is where you meet with one of our global team of assessors and work with them as if they are a team leader. You will feedback the profile data so we can ensure that your interpretation, coaching style questions and approach succeeds in informing the team leader of all that they need to know to co-create an iterative team coaching roadmap with you and the team. A ‘pass’ means that you can then use your professional user license with your client teams.

There are no renewal charges – this is a one off programme and assessment.

Assessments are arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Reach out to our COO Simon to find out more:

Learn how to administer and feedback TAP360 to enable your client teams to sustain and grow their impact., increase their performance and listen to stakeholders.

This 3 hours TAP360 Professional User license programme (following assessment) is delivered live on-line and provides 3 ICF CCEs.

Click here to access our TAP360 brochure

Objectives of the programme:

  • Drive initial conversations with Team Leaders, HR, Executive Sponsors
  • Gain buy-in/’selling’ TAP360 with a compelling rationale
  • Know, understand and effectively apply how to set up the profile online
  • Practice coaching around the statistical and narrative data including decisions what to share when, and with whom
  • Understand ethics around profiling and partnering with teams, team leaders, executive sponsors and other stakeholders
  • Action planning to design a road map to act upon the data to deliver exemplary results

Investment $345 ($245  for members of ICF, AC, EMCC, AOCS, TCD)

We provide complementary training on administering and feeding back TAP360 data on our Certificate in Team Coaching (ICF approved, up to 40 CCEs) and we also provide our group 3 hours TAP360 Professional User license certificate in the tool live on-line (3 ICF CCE).

If you already have experience of feeding back 360 psychometrics, performance management data, and coaching teams, you may be exempt from this short programme. Email if you wish to share your experience.

This training includes:

  • Initial conversations with the executive sponsor/team leader
  • Gaining buy-in/’selling’ TAP360 with a compelling rationale
  • Setting up the profile online
  • Coaching around the data – powerful questioning
  • Choosing what to share when, and with whom
  • Action planning to design a road map to act upon the data to deliver exemplary results
  • The next training and assessment in our TAP360 unique team profiling tool takes place on

Dates to support various time zones:

Saturday 18 November at London, UK 9am, repeated at London, UK 4pm and London, UK 9pm OR

Monday 11 December at London, UK 8am, repeated at London, UK 1pm and London, UK 7pm OR

Thursday 29 February at London, UK 9am, repeated at London, UK 3 pm and London, UK, 8pm.

For actual TAP360 Advanced Profile Report click here.

Click Here to Download Sample Report

A little about CoachME & BMC… 

Profile photo of Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy EdD MCC ACTC MP ITCA ESIA

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy EdD, ICF MCC, ACTC & Registered Mentor Coach, EMCC MP in Coaching, Mentoring & Team Coaching plus ESIA – Accredited SUPERvisor, Certified Agile Coach.

Founder of CoachME Award Winning Accredited/Approved Coach Training Programmes & Resources as well as BECKETT MCINROY CONSULTANCY.


Clare is passionate about co-creating positive transformation in partnership with people, organisations & beyond… Her work spans culture transformation, systemic team, executive & board coaching, EDI, brand ‘ignition’, bespoke leadership development, 360 psychometrics, instructional design & experiential contextually based blended learning, performance management, & research.

Clare has coached on the ground in 11 countries, 4 continents, including with global billion-dollar family businesses, Fortune 100s, oil & gas, foreign direct investment, education, insurance, health & telecom sectors. She is Founder of BECKETT MCINROY CONSULTANCY & #CoachME Coaching Model, resources & award-winning training, as well as the #TAP360 team level profiling tool, which have been translated into over 30 languages living her values of inclusivity & enabling empowering system is through the benefits of diversity. She has trail blazed initially in the Middle East creating the first ICF ACTP & the first EMCC/AC Systemic SUPERvision programmes in Arabic.

Clare is Co-Founder & past VP of ICF Bahrain, Co-Founder & President of ICF Doha – Qatar, Co-founder of SuperME SUPERvision chain, Co-lead for Outreach & Research for Association of Coaching SUPERvisors (AOCS) & Level A & B with the British Psychological Society. ICF HQ have drawn upon her experience as a Subject Matter Expert in the area of team coaching & SUPERvision. Clare was the Nominating Coach & internal Executive Coach for the ICF Middle East Prism Award Winners Qatar Financial Centre 2020.

Clare is also an author of 5 books most recently being ‘Creative Reflective Practice’ with contributions from Prof Peter Hawkins, Eric de Haan, Jonathan Passmore, Nancy Kline, John Leary-Joyce…, has numerous book chapters & 100s of articles including contributions for referred journals, Routledge & Forbes.

ICF have drawn upon her as a subject matter expert in Team Coaching and SUPERvision for creating competencies.


LEGO, EY, PwC, AXA Insurance, Saudi Arabia Investment Bank (SAIB), Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA), Qatar Financial and Business Academy (QFBA), American Express (AMEX), Citi, CFA, BNP Paribas, Qatar International Court (QICDRC), Gulf Air, Henley Business School, Cambridge Education, ICF Boards, Saudi Aramco, YBA Kanoo, Kempinski Hotel & Spas, DHL, Porsche, Gulf Air, Yokogawa, Sadara, Samref, Ooredoo, Omantel, Orpic, DOW Chemicals, National Bank of Kuwait, Bank Al Jazeera, Bahrain Airport Company, British Embassies…

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