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About this Event:

Are you a coach seeking innovative ways to support your clients’? Join this webinar and discover the magic of AI Integration Visuals.

What is integration?

Integration = intentional incorporation of new insights into your lived experience.

This unique approach utilizes AI-generated visuals co-created with your clients to externalize their somatic experiences. Imagine transforming integration from a solo pursuit to a collaborative experience, providing tangible visual representations of clients’ internal imagery, and deepening self-discovery while accelerating progress.

This webinar is ideal for coaches who:

  • Want to explore innovative tools for client integration
  • Work with clients who think and speak in visual metaphors
  • Are curious about the potential of AI in their coaching practice

In This Virtual Event You Will Learn:

  • Better understanding of ChatGPT’s AI-image-generation tool
  • How the tool can be used with coaching clients
  • The benefits for your clients of using this tool in the coaching space
  • Confidence on how to apply this to your practice

Speaker Bio

Meryl Rowlands is an accredited somatic coach whose approach is based in the teachings of Hakomi, Gestalt and person-centred psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology and embodied cognition. 

After 13 years in the legal industry, Meryl retrained as a somatic coach with the world’s first ICF-accredited body-oriented coaching school (The Somatic School, London). Under her somatic and mindfulness business Co-Curious, Meryl has been working with clients one to one, and also facilitates self-development workshops for couples and individuals, since 2021. 

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