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Join CMI CEO Ann Francke OBE in the latest instalment of The Leading Issue, where she engages in insightful conversations with leaders from across the economy, including the private sector and those dedicated to delivering valued public services.

During these discussions, Ann and her special guests will explore not only current issues, but also delve into their personal leadership journeys, including their methods for becoming effective leaders and inspiring others to do the same. The series aims to provide viewers with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, as well as the inspiration and support needed to overcome the challenges we all face in our professional lives.

This month, Ann will be joined by Isabel Berwick, the Work & Careers Editor at the Financial Times. Isabel oversees a department dedicated to covering management, leadership, working life, graduate careers and the future of work. She is the host of the FT’s ‘Working It’ podcast, co-author of the weekly ‘Working It’ newsletter, and a key contributor to the 50/50 Equality Project, advocating for increased representation of diverse voices. Joining the FT in 1999 from the Independent on Sunday, where she served as the business editor, Isabel has held various senior editing roles before assuming her current position in 2018. Her extensive experience underscores her commitment to shaping conversations on vital issues in the realms of work and careers.


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