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In all teams there is a hidden life of feeling. One aspect of team coaching is to help teams develop the ways they work together more effectively, and this can be enabled by an understanding of group dynamics. Key to this approach is understanding how individual, group and organisational factors impact each other.

This session will introduce group dynamics, drawing upon systems psychodynamic thinking, and apply this thinking to team coaching through a focus on ‘role’. Role will be explored from both a systems perspective (what is the formal role, function and expectations of a role?) and from a psychodynamic perspective (what are the individual preferences and processes that lead to people taking up informal roles in groups?). An understanding of role then enables greater insights into the emotions in groups and how, through group dynamics, emotional processes impact how a team can function successfully in completing its task.

You will leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of the emotional life of groups, how group dynamics operate within a team structure and how to approach these aspects of groups in team coaching. This webinar is also relevant to coaches who wish to work with their individual clients in relation to their role in groups; through understanding group dynamics, individual coaching can enable clients to take up their organisational roles more effectively.

Dr Robyn Vesey

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Dr Robyn Vesey works with senior teams and leaders developing relational and systemic awareness to enhance leadership in complex and dynamic environments. A leadership consultant and chartered clinical psychologist, she specialises in organisational dynamics and bespoke training and development using experiential learning.

Robyn has an MA in Management and Organisational Dynamics and draws upon her clinical experience to work creatively and developmentally with leaders in coaching, organisational consultancy and leadership development.

Robyn is Programme Director for Henley Business School’s Advanced Personal Leadership Programme. She is a tutor and trainer at a number of universities’ professional doctoral degree programmes, supervising both practice development and academic research. Robyn is Director of Tavistock Consulting’s Executive Coaching Programme, accredited by the EMCC at senior practitioner level.

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