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The Courageous Coach - Developing your Courage








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£ 39.99 (free to Coaching Centre members)

Hosted by Henley Business School.

Drawing on the research of Dr Brené Brown, this session will explore where you want to be more courageous in your coaching practice. This could be in your work with clients – doing less rather than more, trusting your intuition, sharing more of your noticing’s, or maybe you want to be more challenging with your clients. Or perhaps, you want to start, or grow your own coaching business. Here’s the good news, courage is not just an innate or noble quality, it’s a skill that we can all develop, and Melissa believes it’s the keystone that transforms good coaches into great ones.

Brené Brown uses the metaphor of the arena to describe these courageous moments in our lives. An arena is anywhere where we are called to be brave, share something of ourselves and face our critics. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your own arenas and begin gathering the resources you will need to enter those arenas with courage and lean into the feeling of vulnerability that will inevitably show up.

Is now the moment to step into your courage as a coach? This workshop could be your first step.


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