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The Compass for Your Creativity: 8 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity As Albert Einstein wrote, “problems cannot be solved from the consciousness that created them”.

In a fraught world that desperately needs our creativity, what might become possible if we could increase our wholehearted creativity by even 2%, never mind 10 or 20%?

Creative Coaches and Supervisors, Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice, will take you through the eight cardinal points of their Compass RoseTM of Creativity to find your own sweet spot of creative flourishing.

The creative practices will include bodywork, meditations, free writing, visualization exercises and rich conversations.

Join this interactive, online workshop that will be a safe, fun, experiential and interactive space where you can find unique ways to flourish and develop your creativity.

In this workshop you will learn:

a. About the eight core practices that can support you to become more in tune with your own intimate process of discovery to do the ‘work before the work’, to find the extra-ordinary in the ordinary, to play as if no one is watching, and to say ‘yes’ with real gusto to your own complex, beautiful creative self so that you can also role model this for your clients
b. How you can answer the call of your innate creativity and artistry
c. How to connect with your own Creativity Compass and help your clients do the same
d. How to make the best use of your Creativity’s Compass DesignTMworkbook

Speaker Bios

Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice are from the award-winning PattersonPrenticeDesigns. Both are international Executive Coaches, Coaching Supervisors, Authors, and lifelong Creatives.

Their work is born from their rich creative partnership and is grounded in the philosophy of their books “Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision” by Elaine and “Nature’s Way – Designing the Life You Want Through the Lens of Nature and the Five Seasons” by Karyn.

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