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Team Performance Through Whole-Person Leadership






Henley-on-Thames, UK


For Leaders/HR


£ Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership

Hosted by Henley Business School.

In this workshop Sarah Perugia will explore how you can help your team operate at their best through a whole-person leadership and team development approach.

What is whole-person leadership?

Inspirational leadership encompasses more than just professional success – it involves nurturing the whole person. It recognises that nothing exists in isolation. At its core, whole-person leadership is about understanding and supporting the values, passions, and overall happiness of individuals. That means helping them find their most authentic voices and an understanding of their unique value. This work helps leaders lead with authenticity and a deep connection to their purpose. This results in high-performing teams and a positive team culture. Over 20 years Sarah has seen that this approach achieves incredible business results, while nurturing high-potential talent.

Learning outcomes

This session will help you:

  • Build a positive and productive team culture.
  • Create a great place to work for all.
  • Build a platform for the whole team to fulfil their potential.
  • Create an inclusive team where everyone thrives.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Be an innovative and inspirational leader.
  • Have an energised, productive team.
  • Retain and develop your top talent.
  • Achieve great business results with a team enjoying the journey.
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