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Hosted by Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

CMI Wales are pleased to present an event that looks at helping to support those who are in the transition zone. We will help you to unpick the difference between change and transition, and get a grip on why managing your transition is so important for successfully moving into leadership roles.

Research by McKinsey reported that 50% of transitions into leadership fail. So what can you do to put yourself into the 50% that succeed? Managing and owning your transition is one of the key factors that enable successful transitions. If you’re an experienced or senior manager with the desire and potential to become a leader, come and join our conversation with Lucy Carter and Emma Bell-Davies CMgr FCMI to learn more and have the opportunity to ask questions live!

By attending this event you will learn:

  • A greater understanding and appreciation of the difference between change and transition
  • Knowledge of the psychological stages experienced when moving from your current role into leadership
  • Insights into the consequences when transitions aren’t managed well
  • Awareness of how you can manage and speed up your transition period in a confident and effective way
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