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When you want your business to fulfil the whispers of your soul

Soul Affinity Masterclasses are specially designed for coaches, therapists and lightworkers. They bring together the strength and support of spiritual mentoring with the creative expressiveness of intuitive branding.

These workshops follow a coherent sequence by Liz Carabine, Spiritual Mentor and Lynne Stainthorpe, Intuitive Brand Strategist. You’ll get the greatest benefit from joining all three, although you’re very welcome to come along to one or two.

The aim: to reconnect you with your soul calling, and with the clients that your soul yearns to work with.

Why? Because it’s vital that you show up in your business – and for your clients – with sparkling confidence and unshakeable certainty that your business is truly aligned from the inside out.

If you’re feeling stuck, disheartened or confused then we’ll help you regain your confidence and ability to show up as the real you.

The Soul Affinity Masterclasses are designed to help you reconnect with your inner guidance system, get to the heart of your business and the spirit of your brand. They’ll also help you to express the value you bring to your clients, with clarity, confidence and ease.

Topics, dates and times

Liz helps you make a deeper connection to your true self. She works with the energies of the divine feminine to increase your confidence and self worth. With her guidance you’ll achieve a life and business that is harmoniously balanced with your soul’s purpose. And overcome blocks and fears that may prevent you achieving your true potential and strength.


About Lynne

Lynne brings her intuition and deep knowledge – from gently digging into businesses and brands – to unlock the heart and soul of your brand. She helps you express your brand vitality – from brand colours to brand messaging – so your business has soul and creates value and connection with your soul clients – whilst still being distinctive and different.

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