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One of the best ways of gaining new clients is through word of mouth, but often this happens quite randomly. So, how can you build a referral strategy so that you attract better quality referrals, more consistently? And how do you generate referrals when you have only recently setup your coaching business?

Join TCD Founder Helen Isacke and regular presenter Jackie Jarvis on Tuesday 7th May at 12:30 if you would like to explore how to make referral relationship building part of a successful marketing strategy.

This webinar will help you to think through your best referral generating approach, whatever stage you are at with your coaching business.

Business Development Coach and Mentor and author of ‘Quick Win’s in Sales and Marketing’ Jackie Jarvis will encourage you to think about:

  • The different kinds of referrals and relationships.
  • Who could be an ideal referral partner for you.
  • How to make it easy for a referrer to refer you.

You will be encouraged to think about your referral building strategy and take away some simple ideas to start the process.

Our webinars are always interactive, with breakout rooms, so please come ready to participate!

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Jackie Jarvis, author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing, helps coaches, consultants, and professionals who find sales and business development a challenge, and want to improve their effectiveness. She is known for her natural comfortable non-salesy approach, which is simple, straight forward and easy to implement.

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