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Hosted by the Association for Coaching (AC).

In this webinar, Organizational Psychologist, Coach and Illustrator, Beth Clare McManus will discuss the importance of research as a foundation for the ethical and evidence-led use of creativity in coaching.

Beth is working towards a PhD exploring the role of creativity in coaching psychology. She will share her experience and how she applies this knowledge in her work as a Coach and Supervisor.

Join Beth to learn how you can approach your explorations with creativity through an ethical and evidence-based lens.

Discover what we already know and where the gaps are in the literature in this emergent and exciting field.

Beth will also share her experience publishing her masters research (on using music and mark-making to support professional reflective practice in supervision) and her contribution to a book on arts-based coaching.

AC’s Creative Coaching Fest, capturing the essence of what creativity is and inspiring us to harness it within coaching. We aim to enable members to build new skillsets, open space for creativity in themselves, and develop a more authentic coaching style.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for new coaches, seasoned coaches, executive coaches, team coaches, personal or career coaches, leader coaches, health coaches, supervisors, HR /OD professionals and internal coaches.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. a) What the research on creativity in coaching tells us – and what it doesn’t
    b) How to use research and contemporary thinking to inform your creative approaches
    c) Why an ethical and evidence-based lens is essential in creative coaching
    d) How to turn theory into applied practice
    e) How research gets published and shared – and how to find it


Registered participants will gain access to the webinar recording and slides.

Speaker Bio

Beth is a creative northerner from Manchester, UK. She is interested in the potential for creativity to support our capacity to reflect alongside wellbeing and emotions in organizations. Beth has a diverse professional practice portfolio, including part-time employment at the Co-op and freelance work as an organizational psychologist, coach, supervisor, and illustrator.

Beth is also the Deputy Director for Research in Coaching Practice for EMCC UK.

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