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£ In-Person £200 + VAT, Online £96 + VAT

Hosted by Hult International Business School.

In the 8th Relational Coaching Conference, Hult aim to enrich your awareness and understanding of trust, both within the coaching room (in the morning), and within your clients, where trust is integral to important coaching themes such as (self-)confidence, credibility, and assertiveness (in the afternoon).

The day will begin with a keynote presentation from Foluke Taylor and Robert Downes who will be exploring trust in the context of radical hospitality where ‘radical’ means: affecting the fundamental nature of something, making connection, and creating the conditions for dialogue and other possibilities.

How do we meet the absence of trust in ourselves, in our clients and in the field between us? How might we navigate the comings and goings of trust and render ourselves prepared for the kind of dialogues that might need to take place so that trust emerges as a consequence of truth telling and reckonings with multiple realities. Given that trust does not exist in isolation, that it comes about in relation to truth telling and dwelling, what are the kinds of truths we are troubling with that require radical hospitality within coaching conversations, both regarding the content of thought and the pattern of practice.

Foluke and Robert will reflect on these themes and questions.

The afternoon will be about the age-old dance between omnipotence and impotence, transforming the extreme poles of hubris and injury, that so often go hand in hand, and transforming them into a sense of ordinary competence. After a keynote about trust in our own full life experience from babies to older adults, there will be time to build our skills in working with clients who report under- or overconfidence. Important coaching themes such as narcissism, imposter feelings, assertiveness, and credibility, will be explored in depth, together with coaches and academics specialising in these areas.

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