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Hosted by the CIPD

CIPD People Analytics Conference 2023

Powering data-driven decision making

Tech and AI are already such an essential part of everyday life, which is why there is an increasing need to obtain actionable data for organisations to understand their workforce. Data gives you the power to make the right decisions, but how can you turn that data into actionable insights?

The CIPD People Analytics Conference 2023 is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of your data to create a more agile, productive and engaged workforce. Whether you are an experienced people analyst or an HR professional, this conference will explore all aspects of people-driven data.

Conference takeaways:

  • transform your workforce — explore areas such as recruitment, retention, wellbeing and learning & development.
  • garner meaningful insights — dive into process mining and explore advanced analytical methodologies, using organisational data sets.
  • develop your strategies — utilise people analytics to evolve your operational capabilities.
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