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Hosted by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

Unity in Diversity, Shaping Tomorrow Together.

Join us as we celebrate Neurodiversity Awareness Week. A global initiative to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about neurodevelopmental disorders and learning.

This event is hosted by Elizabeth Reilly and is for executive coaches and supervisors to explore and discover through others’ lived experience, how to connect with other maps of the world in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Elizabeth will share her perspective on how a neurotypical coach or supervisor might work with neurodivergent clients as they connect and interact with surrounding systems.

The session will be a dynamic and interactive dialogue, creating a space for what wants to be heard and acknowledged. This fluid and responsive approach fosters an environment where voices can truly be heard and valued. We invite all neurodivergent individuals and those who support them to come and explore, reflect, and share all invaluable experiences.

Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience, being a Master Accredited Executive Coach, Accredited Coach Supervisor, and former Group HR Director of a PLC. Her coaching philosophy, deeply grounded in embracing our shared humanity and imperfections, paves the way for authentic and open conversations.

With her diverse experiences spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Elizabeth has cultivated a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives. As someone who identifies as white-passing and possesses multiple neurodivergences, she embodies an open-minded, authentic and curious approach.

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