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Neurodiversity Awareness: How Coaching Empowers Neurodiverse Clients








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The second webinar in this Neurodiversity Series will be hosted by Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski, a coach who brings a unique approach to helping coaches and their clients understand a form of ‘otherness’ that is so often neglected. Do we recognise neurodiversity and how well equipped are we to work with clients who offer so much, but can be deeply misunderstood? If you are asking yourself that, then this could do for you.

Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski is Founder of ‘Thinking Light Coach’, certified Neurodiverse coach, consultant and TEDx speaker. Danielle is Project Manager and founder of ‘Thinking Light Coach’ and served as co-founder and co-lead of the Neurodiversity Network (NDN) at GSK. In her role at NDN, Danielle spearheads initiatives to empower neurodiverse individuals within the organisation. Danielle’s mission is to create a space where neurodiverse people feel not only empowered but actively leverage their unique cognitive strengths. Her expertise in neurodiversity spans multiple domains: certified as an ICF ACC coach, consultant, TEDx speaker and trainer. Leveraging her extensive 18-year corporate career and personal experience as a neurodiverse individual, Danielle supports individuals, facilitates groups, and offers invaluable insights to organisations seeking to create a more neuro-inclusive workplace culture.

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