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Navigating the Madness of Team Coaching: Creating and Recreating Psychological Safety








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Hosted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We are delighted to bring you Season 2 of the Team Coach Community of Practice webinars, ‘Navigating the Madness of Team Coaching’.

The theme for this 2nd Season is: ‘Navigating the Madness of Team Coaching’. The intention is to take an intensely practical look at the most challenging, and perhaps maddening, aspects of working with teams, using the team coaching competencies to support us.

We aim to draw on the first-hand experience of the team coach community and the sessions will be facilitated by a faculty who bring the perspectives of many years of learning when things go wrong.

  • Setting the conditions for psychological safety, in ourselves and teams
  • Re-establishing those conditions when trust is lowered or lost
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