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How influential are you as a leader?

Picture this: a leader who commands attention the moment they walk into a room. Their ideas resonate, and their presence exudes confidence and credibility. That’s leadership presence – the secret sauce of influential leaders.

Leadership presence is the linchpin of impactful leadership. Discover how it can supercharge your ability to shape ideas, drive change, and inspire action.

As a leader, the ability to influence is not just a skill – it’s your secret weapon for success. It’s what empowers you to effectively communicate your visionary ideas, compellingly persuade others to rally behind your initiatives and create an environment where collaboration thrives. Whether you’re an ambitious go-getter, a leader in transition, or a seasoned senior executive, mastering the art of influence is your key to leading with impact.

In this webinar, Judith will share how you can elevate your leadership by having the right presence and influence to make impactful change.

At the end of the webinar, she will share a tool where you can discover your influence score, identify areas for improvement, and receive immediate, actionable steps for increasing your score and impact.

There will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A session

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