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Join us for our Virtual Book Club where we will be in the company of author Ed Haddon. We will be hearing about his book The Modern Maverick, and discussing some of the fascinating ideas and topics covered within it. The Virtual Book Club is interactive and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and join the conversation in a relaxed setting. Not to be missed!

Please note, there is no requirement to have read the book prior to the event.

The Modern Maverick by Ed Haddon published on 13th April 2023

About the book

Success is something that many of us are encouraged to pursue from a young age – but what defines ‘success’? Many people are taught to set goals in pursuit of a generic definition of success that is dictated by society: chase money, pass exams, build profile, attract followers, or generate likes.

The Modern Maverick sets out a roadmap for a different way forward. A way that combines purpose and profit. A way that helps you figure out your own definition of success and gives you the courage and tools to pursue it. It moves beyond a general question around purpose, and instead focuses on identifying what you are truly passionate about, what you are uniquely good at, what you can get paid enough for – and how all of that dovetails with what the world needs.

By helping you find the best version of yourself, your work and your relationships, the book shows you how to build your inner Maverick. By becoming clearer and more intentional about how and where you spend your energy and focus, you can create a life where you have positive impact, autonomy, choice and time. A win for you, but – crucially – a win for those close to you, and, over time, a win for society at large.

Ed Haddon

Introducing Ed Haddon –  He is the founder of Haddon Coaching, the first coaching business in the UK to be B-Corp certified. As a team of coaches, they specialise in working with Maverick founders and individuals seeking a better life. For over a decade they have helped senior teams at companies such as Okta, Sweaty Betty, Rapha and Wahaca combine profit with purpose and enrich the working culture for thousands of people.

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