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Hosted by the Trusted Coach Directory – presented by brand strategist Lynne Stainthorpe, creator of the TCD branding/logo

Making your brand human increases your brand attraction factor, grows affinity with clients and creates competitive advantage. When your brand communications are relatable and personable, you’ll create authentic connections with clients and build trust over time.

Trust is a core ingredient in coaching relationships with clients, so it makes sense to infuse your communications with human qualities and values that create emotional alignment and lead to lasting connections.

You may feel it’s obvious that your brand is human because your name is on the business, in which case your challenges may include:

  • Maintaining brand consistency as your business scales and you outsource marketing tasks.
  • Defining your brand style and tone of voice so your brand is recognised and remembered.
  • Saving time by using your brand ‘codes’ consistently and well to make an impact.

This session – on Monday 6th November at 12:30 (London Time) for an hour – is aimed at coaches who are also Chief Marketing Officer of the business, whether you use your name on the business, or not. We’ll discuss the key brand intangibles and tangibles essential to making your brand human and you’ll have a checklist you can use to maintain and evolve your brand personality.

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Lynne Stainthorpe

Lynne is a brand strategist who works with coaches, consultants, creatives and therapists to make your brand human, relevant and distinctive, so your business stands out, grows affinity and creates impact. She learned the secrets of building powerful brands when employed by Unilever, Beecham and Dulux and has worked on brands and brand marketing for over 20 years with clients including Benetton and B&Q.

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