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In-Person Masterclass: An Introduction to Somatic Coaching with Pete Hamill








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Hosted by the Association for Coaching.

About this Event:

If we accept that the cartesian divide between mind and body is inaccurate and unhelpful, we are left with the challenge of including the body in development.

This workshop will explore how to do this effectively in coaching. To do so we will look to understand how the body, mind and emotions represent three levels of experiencing one process of being, and how we can intervene effectively across those levels to support development. 

The day will focus on how you can bring somatic approaches into your current coaching practice. 

In This Event You Will:

  • Learn practical ways to work with the body as part of the client’s process of change
  • Experience your own process of change through the body, to enable you to be more impactful with your clients
  • Understand how to introduce somatic coaching to clients in a way with which they find easy to engage with
  • Be able to identify and work with the historical conditioning of clients, through the body, to help them move forward and achieve their goals

Speaker Bio

Pete Hamilis a coach, facilitator and consultant who works with an embodied approach. He works with a range of organisational and individual clients across sectors. In addition Pete is a senior teacher at Strozzi Institute, where he leads many of their international programmes, and has worked on post-graduate and Masters’ level development programmes. He is the author of Embodied Leadership, and completed his PhD in this area.

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