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Hosted by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

Exploring IFS in Coaching
The IFS framework enables healthy, dynamic self-expression and supports compassionate, enlightened leadership. Join this session with practitioner and APECS Coach Ruth Rochelle to inquire and explore into this “game changer”.

Internal Family Systems has been a game-changer for Ruth and in her coaching, which is why she has generously offered to bring the model to APECS. IFS is a fantastic framework for enabling healthy and dynamic expression of the multiplicity of the mind and for growing compassionate, courageous, enlightened leadership (starting with self-leadership).

IFS was developed by Richard Schwartz 40 years ago, originally as a therapeutic tool, and is increasingly popular with therapists and practitioners working in mental health and trauma. More recently, the model is being used extensively by coaches as a powerful systemic aid to effective leadership.

One of the core premises, is that within each of us is an undamaged core self that is infinitely wise, compassionate, curious, creative and much more. This core self has the capacity to reframe deeply held limiting beliefs, unlock hidden talents, heal old wounds, facilitate inner flow, and provide enlightened self-leadership.

IFS recognises that we all have many diverse internal parts, and that these parts function within us as a system. All parts are inherently valuable. In their natural state their talents and resources help us in our lives and in our leadership contributions. That is unless they have been forced out of their naturally gifted states into extreme roles because of painful or traumatic events in our lives. Then they can be experienced as a hindrance, energy draining and sometimes damaging.

The IFS model grows our capacity for bringing new perspectives to our different parts by building an authentic, supportive relationship between parts and core self; creating the conditions for the release of past hurts and debilitating beliefs, enabling protective parts to relax, harnessing our parts’ natural gifts, and facilitating inner collaboration and teamwork. All parts are welcome and there are no bad parts.

This event will be an opportunity for us to reflect together using the IFS framework. We will explore our own inner systems as Executive and Team coaches and we’ll also get curious about the internal systems of our clients and the impact on their teams and organisations.

Hosted by Ruth Rochelle, who has been an executive and team coach for over 30 years and has facilitated personal development seminars for individuals since the mid 1980s. She joined APECS in 2013.

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