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If you’re considering coaching – or thinking about introducing it to your organisation – this year, then you probably have a lot of question.

Coaching requires effort and an investment of time and money – so you want to ensure you’re going to actually benefit from the experience.

Join Chartered Coaching Psychologist Dr. Richard MacKinnon to learn how to get the most from coaching, including:

  • Choosing an appropriately qualified coaching practitioner
  • The power of an ‘experimental mindset’
  • The importance of honest and openness in coaching
  • Turning your coaching insights into practical action
  • Generalising your wins from coaching into other areas of your life

Richard has over twenty years of experience as a practitioner psychologist and works with clients globally to develop and maintain their wellbeing, productivity and interpersonal effectiveness at work. Richard is the founder of WorkLifePsych and the host of the popular fortnightly podcast ‘My Pocket Psych‘.

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