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£ 60

Hosted by the Henley Business School.

2020 saw most coaches flip from being periodic users of digital technologies to being frequent digital users. Now, 85% of coaches are operating all or mostly in the digital space.

2023 witnessed the emergence of AI; 2024 is now seeing the application of these technologies to the coaching sector in what could become a fundamental reconfiguration of coaching over the next 5 years.

How prepared are you for the challenge?
Do you want to close your eyes and let it pass you by?
Or do you want to shape your own future?

Our first Henley Hackathon back in November 2023, led by Prof. Jonathan Passmore and held in person in Reading, was sold-out and a huge success. For Hack2.0 we’ve moved online, opening this event to more participants and speakers from around the globe.

This event is like no other; it’s a hands-on event with lots of opportunities across the two days to see products being tested, to test these products for yourself, and have practical opportunities to enhance your technology skills to make you a better digital and AI coach.

To view more event details including agenda please click here

This event is charged at £60 for all attendees and this gives access to both days of the Hackathon. This event is open to all, and we welcome coaches and tech experts from across the globe to contribute to this event.

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