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Health & Wellbeing SIG - What does Mastery and Supervision mean in a health and wellbeing coaching context?








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Hosted by EMCC.

Using the term Mastery and Supervision may mean different things to practitioners. In the June Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group, EMCC would like to invite you to a discussion to share perspectives on these terms.

What is supervision? How does it help?

What is Mastery? Is it a static state or a dynamic one?

In a health and wellbeing context, how do these terms apply to ourselves, our clients and the organisations or communities we serve?

This round table discussion will provide an opportunity to share insights and perspectives.

At the end of the session, you will have gained insight into:

  • Key perspectives on the terms Mastery and Supervision
  • How these terms relate to your practice
  • An opportunity to network with other coaches, mentors and supervisors with an interest in health and wellbeing


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