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Thursday 25th April 12:00 to 13:30 – hosted by Fiona Anderson and Jill Munden

  • Challenged with staff retention?
  • Struggling to attract the talent you need?
  • Concerns about productivity?

Have you calculated the impact these are having on your business results? If every disengaged employee costs your company 1/3 of their salary, how much is your company culture hurting your bottom line?

Join Fiona Anderson and Jill Munden to explore:

Why a coaching culture?  – identify the key messages for your business case

Coaching options – understand the option/s available to identify what will work best for your business

Developing your business case – how to grab the attention of your logical executive decision makers

Grow your own Coaching Culture – hints and tips to grow your own

Join them for the opportunity to:

  • Share and learn with others
  • Seek answers to your questions
  • Practice a coaching question that you could use with your decision makers to gain their commitment to change

They look forward to seeing you online by booking your place here:


Fiona Anderson, My Change Expert

Fiona works with (Executive) teams, individuals and groups to grow a culture where:

“leaders and managers create an environment so that individuals, teams and the business, thrive and grow.”

A Culture Catalyst, Facilitator, Exec/Leadership Coach and Consultant, Fiona delivers tangible results across a variety of sectors.

Having held senior Change Management leadership roles in British Gas and Royal Mail, Fiona encourages her clients to shine a light on their most important assets – their people. Creating a safe and confidential space, Fiona encourages her clients to dig deep to develop bespoke solutions that are key to their professional and business success.

Jill Munden, Master Coach, at Mind Reach

A Master Executive Coach with 25 years of experience working with leaders and their teams, to facilitate sustainable performance improvement and business growth.

The main thrust of Jill’s work is supporting leaders to create the culture in which they will maximise the engagement and productivity of their people.  She has a deep understanding of human behaviour and an insight into the key behaviours required of leadership and management, to leverage the true potential of their teams.

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