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Ethical and Inclusive Leadership: Why does it matter?








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Hosted by Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Discover the insights from the CMI and YouGov partnership study, revealing the impact of poor management on organisations and the UK economy.

Join our event to delve into the crucial elements of ethical and inclusive leadership. Understand why it matters and explore how embracing these principles can create a positive work environment.

Hear from our speakers, Caroline Chipperfield, Director, Leadership Development and Delivery, NHS, Graham Hoy, Head of Customer, BetFred and Sarah Salahuddin, Regional Board Member, CMI North East, Yorkshire & Humberside as they shed light on the importance of ethical and inclusive leadership across two different sectors, while highlighting the common principles.

By attending, you will:

  • Discover inclusive insights: explore the relevance of ethical and inclusive leadership across diverse sectors.
  • Learn impactful practices: learn how ethical leadership contributes to an ‘insurance policy’ against toxic workplace cultures.
  • Explore strategic differences: discover how embracing ethical and inclusive principles can positively impact business objectives

Secure your spot now. Be part of this event and take the first step towards prioritising ethical and inclusive leadership for heightened team success.

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