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You may have a well thought-out coaching proposition, but are you struggling to get the opportunity to explain it to potential clients?

If you are wondering how to start the sales process without appearing pushy, then join this TCD hosted webinar with Business Coach and Mentor, Jackie Jarvis on Monday 1st July at 12:30 (UK time).

Jackie will share how to softly engage coaching clients (both corporate and individuals) without the sales pressure, and encourage you to think about:

  • The purpose for having a ‘first step’ and how it works
  • What a first step could look like for both individual and corporate clients
  • What your first step could be…

This webinar will spark your creativity as you consider your sales strategy, and help generate some simple ideas to start the process.

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Jackie Jarvis, author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing, helps coaches, consultants, and professionals who find sales and business development a challenge, and want to improve their effectiveness. She is known for her natural comfortable non-salesy approach, which is simple, straight forward and easy to implement.

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