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Embodying Creativity & Confidence: Improvisation Skills for Coaches With Liz Peters








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About this Event:

Coaching is a live, unpredictable exploration towards a shared goal. It involves meeting clients where they are, innovation, collaboration, thinking on your feet and adapting to unique situations. These skills are the very heart of Improvisation.

The creative mind sees opportunities where others may be stuck. Improvisation can unlock your authentic playful side and natural abundance of creativity, allowing you to be a more impactful coach. Learn to become comfortable in uncertainty and open up your capacity for flexible thinking. With self awareness and increased emotional intelligence you’ll be able to confidently step into new waters with clients and approach things in innovative ways.

This experiential workshop will give you the fundamental tools of improvisation and help you access this creative side of yourself. There will be pair and group exercises that will take you out of coaching mode and into developing the skills in a light hearted way. Embodied techniques will help you improve your personal presence, confidence and relational dynamics. By managing our own state we are better able to help others.

Improvisation will improve your creativity and flexibility as a coach, stretch your comfort zone and allow you to be present and alive with whatever unfolds. It is nothing to be afraid of – its a liberating and joyful experience which will be an invaluable addition to your coaching toolkit. 

In This  Event You Will Learn:

  • Being present, active listening and co-creation
  • Confidence in letting go of structure, going with the flow and adapting
  • Flexing your creativity muscle’ to work in new ways
  • Uncovering your authentic playful state so you can explore more
  • Becoming more comfortable with uncertainty
  • Knowing the influence of your embodied presence and ways to boost your confidence
  • Techniques to regulate yourself and clients for more impactful session 
  • Playful exercises you can use with clients 
  • Improved physical and emotional intelligence

Speaker Bio

Liz uses improvisation to develop high-performing teams and individuals, delivering profound learning and connection through laughter.

Creating tailored experiences on collaboration, communication, presence and agility, she has helped numerous organisations including GSK, Nike, LinkedIn, Unilever and London Business School.

Having trained in performance at Mountview and improvisation at iO Chicago, Liz is an award-nominated performer with twenty years onstage experience. A certified Embodied Facilitator, she is passionate about empowering people to feel confident, playful and alive, and is the author of ‘Own It! How To Boss Your Fears, Free Your Voice And Inspire The Room’.


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