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Are you considering working with a coach?

If 2024 is the year you’d like to work with a coach – or introduce coaching to your organisation – then you probably have lots of questions. Join us for a free webinar on Jan 25th to learn how coaching can benefit your wellbeing, productivity and professional effectiveness.

Chartered Coaching Psychologist Dr. Richard MacKinnon will demystify coaching, bust some common coaching myths, and explain how the development of psychological flexibility can help you make the changes you want in 2024.

By attending this session you will:

  • Learn how to decide if coaching is right for you.
  • Gain clarity on why not all coaching is the same
  • Learn how coaching differs from counselling and mentoring
  • Gain an insight into how coaching actually works
  • Learn about the practicalities of a coaching programme
  • Have an opportunity to ask your coaching-related questions

It represents the perfect investment in your personal development for the start of a new year! Find out more about our approach to coaching via

About Richard

Richard is an experienced coaching psychologist, coach trainer and workplace psychologist, with over twenty years of experience as a practitioner. The founder of WorkLifePsych, he also hosts the fortnightly podcast ‘My Pocket Psych‘. A frequent public speaker and organisational consultant, Richard supports his clients to develop their productivity, their wellbeing, and their professional impact, using evidence-based approaches.

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