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Coaching Women: Changing the System not the Person - Geraldine Gallacher








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Bringing over 25 years of first-hand experience exploring why there are not enough women in leadership positions, and the lengths to which corporate organisations will go to ‘fix’ women rather than tackling systemic issues, Geraldine Gallacher presents her book Coaching Women: Changing the System Not the Person. Using an in-depth case study and interview-led approach, this session will help you as coaches to consider the double-bind dilemma, the confidence question and the interplay of women’s personal journeys with their complex career structures.

Coaches who are interested in expanding their horizons on gendered workplace experiences and walking away with techniques and insights to tackle real-life challenges should attend this interactive session.

Geraldine Gallacher

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Geraldine Gallacher is CEO of the Executive Coaching Consultancy, which she started in 1994. One of the first executive coaching providers, the company now has over 90 coaches internationally serving a wide range of industries.

Geraldine is an accredited master coach with the Association for Coaching. She is also vice-president of the City Women’s Network and author of Coaching Women: Changing the System not the Person.

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