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Coaching the Whole Human Experience 

It’s tough out there in the world for many of us, clients and coaches alike.

In this webinar series, we will explore how coaches can become more robust, confident and skillful at managing and coaching difficulties currently confronting human thriving.

It can be bewildering and disconcerting to know how to include and integrate our client’s anxieties about what is going on in the world, from wars to eco-anxiety to social disruption and blazingly fast technological change or conspiracy theories that can sweep up even the most balanced of us.

On top of that, there are other issues like health challenges, too much stress and overwhelm, anxiety and mental health, addictions of different kinds and the ever-present disruption to our ability to focus.

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, our speaker for this series, has spent over 20 years coaching people in high-stakes situations full of strong emotions and real consequences if they don’t find a way through them.

Coaching offers us many options to manage these choppy situations and help our clients, and in this series, we will be digging into practical solutions that work.

Description of each webinar 

Webinar one: Coaching the Whole Person
This introductory webinar will explain why a conscious and deliberate whole-person approach matters for highly effective coaching. We will explore the competencies needed to create a powerful coach-client relationship, drawing on the Meaning-Centred Coaching model and recovery and wellness principles.

Webinar two: From the Outside IN – Managing Social, Political, and Economic Turmoil in the Coaching Process
This webinar will look at how external societal and political forces may affect our clients and the coaching process. We will explore how we can coach in the context of these tricky and challenging influences and look at tactics to help clients build resilience, self-knowing, confidence, and self-control. 

Webinar three: Managing your Clients Challenging Personal Experiences in the Coaching Process
In this webinar, we will look at how individual experiences – such as physical and mental health issues, addictions and loss of psychological balance – can be embraced in the coaching relationship. We will learn strategies and tools to orient clients towards recovery, meaning and thriving.

Webinar four: Recovery, Wellness and Acceptance
This webinar will explore how we can use a recovery-to-wellness continuum approach and strategies to help clients identify their meaningful goals and track their progress towards self-defined wellbeing. We will explore the power of acceptance of what clients can and cannot control, the importance of vigilance against incremental trauma and the holding of clear boundaries. 

Webinar five: Bringing it All Together – Being Fit to Coach
In this webinar, we explore how coaches can approach their own fitness and capacity to coach in these turbulent times using the ‘Fit to Coach’ Coaching Wheel. We will relate this to self-care and revisit our meaning and purpose.

Speaker Bio

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers is a coach, supervisor, trainer and organizational consultant in human wellbeing and coaching. He is known for the Meaning-Centered Coaching model he created and as a recovery and wellness coaching specialist.

Through his coaching academy, he helps individuals become exceptional coaches and provides masterclasses for various organizations, including the Association for Coaching.

He is the co-author of ‘Parenting the Future’, a seminal book on alternative parenting and co-author of ‘101 Recovery & Wellness Coaching Strategies’, both due to be published in 2024.

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