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Coaching Research Series - High Performance Resilience with Neuroscience








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£ 39.99 (free to Coaching Centre members)

Hosted by Henley Business School.

In this webinar, with specific focus on coaches, neurologist and CEO of Neurozone, Dr Etienne van der Walt will unpack the nature of true resilience and translate it for practical application in today’s world of business leadership coaching and then circle it back to individual optimization for high performance.

In the process he will highlight the most important themes that underpins high performance resilience, always simplifying the complex from biological neuroscience to personal self-leadership application. Then Etienne will anchor the practical drivers of resilient, high performance such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, social safety, psychological safety, mindset, mindfulness and high performance energy for practical individual and team integration, equipping coaches to enable leaders to unlock the best version of themselves.

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