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Coaching Psychology SIG - Beyond beliefs: An introduction to working with limiting beliefs using Logosynthesis®








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Hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

In this 90-minute session Heather Day will introduce us to a new way of managing limiting beliefs using Logosynthesis®. It promises to provide us with fresh insights through direct experience of exploring the territory of beliefs.

Our beliefs about ourselves, life and others can prevent us from making real progress towards our goals. The familiar “I’m not good enough” “I might fail” or “I don’t deserve x” can get in the way and the bigger the goal the more limiting beliefs can show up. Heather is also offering an opportunity for a live demonstration as part of the session.

Heather in her own words
“I have always been interested healing and energy work and when I began my coaching training 16 years ago I came across Logosynthesis® at the same time. I have since come to realise e.g. through reading Julia Vaughan’s book “Coaching and Trauma” how invaluable my training in Logosynthesis has been. The beauty of using Logosynthesis as a coach is that it is gentle and effective. For this EMCC session, I have chosen to focus on beliefs. My aim is to ‘open a window into the world of beliefs’ and for the attendees to experience a new way to work with them with demonstrable results.

Guest Speaker
Heather Day has a background in psychology and education. Her former career was working an advisor for Ethnic Minority Achievement. She retrained as a coach in her 50’s. She has a life-long interest in pioneering approaches to healing and development, which led her to discover Logosynthesis®.

In 2009 she began training with Dr. Willem Lammers and qualified as the UK’s only Logosynthesis trainer in 2013. She is now part of a group of international trainers and master practitioners. Heather subsequently qualified as a systemic coach in 2013. She combines both approaches in her coaching practice Heather Day Coaching which support clients to navigate work and life transitions.

She has also developed a coaching programme for women in their 50’s

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