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Coaching Outdoors: Partnering with Nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better,” said Albert Einstein.

Our lives, work and coaching practice are traditionally confined indoors, yet there’s a wealth of wisdom and alternate perspectives beyond the confines of the office, conference room or 2D screen.

Coaching outdoors, nature coaching, eco-coaching or green coaching has gained traction in recent years with great interest from across the coaching community.

Join us to discover the scientific evidence behind the benefits of nature-connectedness and movement and learn tools and techniques to develop your coaching outdoors practice.

Our speaker, Anna-Marie Watson, will share her insights into the practicalities and safety (physical and psychological) of working in the outdoor environment.

During the series, you will receive support to experiment with in-person and online outdoor coaching conversations, plus a space to reflect on shared experiences and collective lessons learnt.

Description of each webinar 

Webinar 1: Nature Connection – 21st February
Unpack personal beliefs and social narratives that influence our relationship with the natural environment and outdoor spaces. Discover scientific research, e.g. biophilia, eco-psychology, favourite places, blue/green health, Attention Restoration Theory and experiential activities that foster human/nature connection. Identify drivers to take your practice outdoors and co-coach with nature. 

Webinar 2: Coaching Outdoors – Methodologies and Practicalities – 28th February
Adapt current coaching knowledge, skills and experience to the outdoor space and consider how to co-coach with nature.
Consider the practicalities: weather, route design, health and safety, risk assessments, insurance, land access, note-taking, first aid, qualification, in-person or remote sessions and more!

Webinar 3: Step Outdoors – Coaching Conversations – 13th March
Reflect on lessons learnt from ‘in-person’ coaching outdoors session.
Discover additional tools and techniques to enhance coaching practice. Learn about the nuances of remote outdoor coaching and the wider virtual world. 

Webinar 4: Remote Outdoor Coaching Conversations and Next Steps – 20th March
Reflect on lessons learnt from ‘remote’ coaching outdoors session.
Design next steps to develop outdoor/nature coaching skills and business development opportunities. Set action points and accountability measures.

In this webinar series you will learn:

a) Reflect on your connection to the natural environment
b) Discover key theories and research behind the physical, mental and emotional benefits of being outdoors
c) Identify outdoor coaching tools and techniques to deepen your practice and enhance outcomes
d) Consider practical tips to facilitate successful outdoor coaching sessions outdoors
e) Participate in online and in-person outdoor coaching sessions

Speaker Bio

Happiest outdoors, Anna-Marie is a Coach and Supervisor who loves to escape the confines of four walls and take conversations into nature. As a former Army Officer, she has worked in challenging environments, from snowy Arctic tundra to hot, sandy deserts.

Self-certified learning junkie, Anna-Marie holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Coaching from the University of Derby and a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Sydney, amongst other psychological and psychometric tools.

She is on a mission to encourage coaches to step outdoors and has contributed to ‘The Coaches Handbook’ and ‘Succeeding as a Coach’ and co-hosts the ‘Coaching Outdoors’ podcast.

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