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About the event

We are thrilled to have Professor Nancy Doyle lead us in a session that will ground participants in the experience of neurodiversity. In this practical, interactive session, Nancy will guide us to explore cognitive flexibility, and in understanding the neurodivergent mind.

Nancy will help us unpack the neurodiversity history and current paradigm shift, as well as exploring common themes and topics for neurodivergent coaches. She will also review the specifics of organising a coaching program with neurodivergent people, and allow plenty of time for demonstrations, practice, interaction, and questions.

What you will learn

  • Greater understanding of cognitive flexibility and the neurodivergent mind
  • Neurodiversity history and the current paradigm shift
  • Themes and topics for neurodivergent coaches
  • How to organise a coaching program with neurodivergent people

Speaker Bio

Nancy Doyle

Nancy Doyle PhD is a Visiting Professor of Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London, the founder of Genius Within CIC, and a Chartered Occupational and Coaching Psychologist. Nancy’s company, a non-profit which is founded, led and staffed by a majority neurodivergent team, provides coaching to around 5000 people each year, worldwide.

Nancy is the co-author, with her long-term collaborator and dear friend, Professor Almuth McDowall, of the first book dedicated to Neurodiversity Coaching, published by Routledge and out later this year.

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