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Coaching Creatively As A Digital Coach with Stephen Brown








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About this Event:

In this workshop, join Stephen to explore how the online shift has transformed coaching and learn creative techniques to enhance your coaching methods in the digital era.

When coaches provide a safe, creative and experimental space for their clients, then exciting and meaningful things happen. But how has the fundamental shift to online work impacted a coach’s ability to introduce creative methods into their practice?

In this interactive session experienced practitioner and creative coach, Stephen Brown, will share how his practice has evolved and how he works with creative processes, techniques, and tools within the digital domain to enhance and deepen his client’s reflection.

Together we will explore the use of traditional/physical creative techniques versus their digital equivalent and provide the opportunity to experiment live during the event.

Presenting invaluable insights for coaches navigating the evolving landscape of online coaching.

In This Virtual Event You Will Learn:

  • How introducing creative processes, techniques and tools in the digital domain is not only possible, but how it can enhance and deepen a client’s reflection.
  • Why embracing a digital future is key for practicing coaches.
  • What skills you need to develop to be a successful, creative coach online.
  • How to contract successfully for creative approaches.

Speaker Bio

Stephen is an experienced coach, coach educator and consultant, accredited by the EMCC at Senior Practitioner level. In his own practice, he works with clients across all sectors at an executive level and beyond. He is host of the successful podcast series ‘STRETCH’, is the voice and producer of the EMCC UK’s podcast and has contributed to a growing number of publications shining a light on creative coaching.  His passion lies in helping people unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and find harmony.

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