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Hosted by CMI West Midlands & North West.

Leaders and managers are under pressure to achieve results, demonstrate ethical behaviour and maintain their own sense of balance in a fast paced and unpredictable world. With colleagues and customers looking to managers to make ‘right’ decisions, we ask, what is ethical leadership and what can we do to ensure our own and our team’s wellbeing?

In a landscape of uncertainty, we delve into the concept of talent development—what does it look like, and how can we thrive in this evolving environment?

Get ready to unlock your true potential and unleash your career and business success. Secure your place now for this unmissable evening.

By joining us, you’ll explore:

  • The stories of our guest speakers and how they have succeeded in their career so far
  • Powerful strategies like coaching, mentoring and sponsorship to help you triumph over any hurdles in your way
  • How to expand your professional network with like-minded peers
  • The support and opportunities offered by CMI, including the pathway to Chartered Manager status, to elevate your career and boost your confidence to new heights!

This event includes:

  • Networking with leading professionals
  • Hearing from high-profile speakers
  • Celebration of new Chartered Managers
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